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II Chronicles 7:14

This text is often quoted as if all we need to do is pray and God will rescue us, but that is not at all what the Scripture says.  The dictionary definition of "humble" as a verb is "to lower someone in dignity or importance".     So before we pray we are to lower ourselves in dignity or importance.  Then seek His face, ( from where His Word comes), turn from our wicked (twisted) ways, in other words REPENT!  We may not have realized it, but we have allowed something to turn us away from Him and that is called SIN.  His promise is if we follow His instructions He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land (that term was used for the agrarian culture of the day but for us it is our family, our workplace, our locale, state, province and our nation).  Jesus is coming back for His Church, but we, the people called by His name, have been given the mandate to take the nations before He does return.


We believe that the Holy Scripture is the inerrant Word of God.  We envision His people following the full directions and praying together in faith that He will hear us, forgive us of our sins and heal our land wherever and whatever that is.  We believe that corporate prayer following the Word as the rules of the courts of Heaven will accomplish this. 


We commit to daily entering His presence by realizing we are the creation not the Creator in humility and praying for and by faith receiving His forgiveness as He is just to do by His Word and receive healing of our land.


We have faith our local "humility and prayer" group will grow and we will seek like minded people around the world to join with us as we help build your local community of believers .Each local community can have its own page of warriors willing to commit to sign on available on this site


If you have come to this site seeking  answers and do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, contact us and we or someone representing us will be honored to pray with you that you receive Salvation by the mercy of the forgiving and loving  God through the sacrificial blood of His Son Jesus, the anointed One who was sacrificed on a cross for all our sins, died there was buried and arose defeating sin, and death forevermore.  

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